Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day Park Fun

So, fairly early on Memorial Day, we headed off to the park. It was definitely the time to go as there was no one else there. It was wonderful to have the place to ourselves. We finally let Luke actually walk around and climb on things and he had such a good time! We got lots of good pictures from the day.

He was SO happy to be standing up there! I admit I was nervous and am just out of the picture, in case he lost his balance. He's turning into such a big boy!

Here he is demonstrating his mastery of stairs. He's only been up stairs a few times in his little life, but he sure acted like he knew what he was doing.

Again, I wanted to be right behind the little explorer. :)

He just gets such a cute happy/proud look on his face sometimes! I just want to grab him and kiss him! What's funny about this picture is that I am right behind him, with my feet up on the rails so that we can get a picture of him by himself.

And here, I dropped back down to chase the little toddler on down the walkway to Daddy. It was such a good time. I love seeing him learn. More pictures will follow eventually, when I get them saved to blogger. We have some lovely pictures of Andrew and Luke playing a big xylophone there in the park... :)

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GrammaMack said...

What fun! And what a treat all of this is. Thanks so much!