Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Luke's First Bites

Enjoy the world premiere!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Luke vs Oatmeal

I think Luke won.

We finally decided to let Luke have a go at "solids." I say "solids" because it wasn't really very solid. Quite diluted, it was. He did super well, getting most of it in his mouth, which I thought was unusual. But, as his Daddy pointed out, he's always been super great at taking medicine so it shouldn't be a big surprise. Anyway, without further ado, I bring you Luke Andrew Mackay's first experience with both a sippy cup, and real food (does it count when it was still 80 percent breast milk? Ben and Jerry've got nothing on us!)

Here he is... first time in his booster seat.

"So, are you guys gonna bring me any food or what?"

Hmmm... this is interesting...

"Dad, what are you doing? I'm having a drink!"

Open wide!

"What is this stuff, anyway?"

"This is NOT what I'm used to!"

Cross eyes!

He kept looking over at the table where I had the bowl. He knew what was up!

"I can do it myself!"

So excited!

"Got any more food over there?"

Overall, Lukey did really well. We're proud of him. Hopefully I'll get a video up within the next few days. He was able to enjoy a Mountaineer game with his meal. That's my kind of first food!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Giveaways...

So, I've been reading a bunch of money saving blogs lately, not that this has anything to do with Luke, really, but there are quite a few giveaways. You may want to go enter them!

This one at DKMommySpot has a cute diaper cake to give away. And from The-Giveaway there are several links... this one has really cute messenger/diaper bags, this one has babylegs, this one has really cute baby shoes, and there are several other things not baby related that they are giving away. Check them out!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Gooooooooo Mountaineers!

These are some pictures of our little guys first two Mountaineer games. He didn't seem to mind the floor wiping East Carolina gave us. I think he was the only one.

These first two pics are from the Nova game and the rest are from EC.

Quick family pic.

Daddy and Luke. Notice he is VERY interested in the game!

Our little Amos Zereoue in training.

I love putting him in this jersey! We borrowed it from Uncle Will and Aunt Arlene... I think it went through all four of their boys as well as some additional cousins. It's SO cute!

Daddy and Luke are ready for some football!

I love that right now he's at a stage where I can still actually watch most of the game. I was hoping that he'd make it through this season that way, but I doubt I'll be that lucky. It's going to be hard for me when he can't make it anymore! Maybe I'll hire a babysitter every Saturday for four hours...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Random pictures

Here are a few pictures of our little guy. He's doing so well. He finally rolled over from his back to his belly last week. I think he surprised himself. He rolled all the way over like a barrel roll, ending up on his tummy again. Crazy baby. Anyway, enjoy the photos!

Warning... you may think that's food on his face... yeah, it's not. Well, I guess it is in some form or other. :) He woke up from his nap and started crying and this is how I found him. He seemed pretty happy about it, though. We won't have any "real food" pictures for another month or so.

Luke loves it when his daddy gets down on the floor to play with him. They are so sweet together!

"Hey! What's up?"

Mmmmm! Dad's hand looks delicious!

Great expression!

"Hey, did you know that this thing bounces when you jump?"

Life is exhausting. He fell asleep while playing. Yesterday he fell asleep while sitting in my lap playing with a toy. All of the sudden I just felt his body go limp and he fell forward. He just plays himself into exhaustion and then crashes. He's such a sweet baby. A little high maintenance, but sweet. Maybe one day Mommy will get some cuddles...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Few Canadian Photos

So, here are a few random photos from Canada. I hate it that we don't have more. I tried to get them in proper order but it was taking too long, so I gave up. So, in no particular order, here they are!

Lukey and Gramma. Gotta love the expression.

All the Mackay men.

Luke with Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena.

Luke finally gets to meet Nana! (Andrew's mom's mom)

All the Mackay guys... you sit here... no, here! Hey, turn around! Hold the baby...

There you go! Uncle Jon, Colin, Caleb, Camdyn, Grandpa, Daddy, Luke, and Uncle Matt. Love it.

All four cousins. The boys were so sweet with Luke. Even Colin who just kept signing "baby."

Here is Luke with Granny (Andrew's dad's mom).

Yummy fingers. I love drool!

Gramma feeding Luke. I had to fight to get a picture that wasn't super blurry. I wanted to take a bus ride while we were in Canada (silly, I know, but hey, we don't really have public transit in WV) so Gramma and Grandpa watched the boy for a little while.

Daddy and Lukey just hanging out sitting up on the couch together. My favourite two boys!

Anyway, that's a brief view of certain aspects of our trip (I know, I know, a month later...). I'm getting worse about taking pictures. I'll have to work on that! Our boy is growing up so fast.