Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures of Luke's 2nd and 3rd weeks

Just some pictures of our little guy. We've been pretty busy adjusting, but I finally made the time to download some of our pictures to the computer. It's hard to find time with a newborn! There are a lot of demands on whatever free time I manage to get... like trying to shower!

He's very relaxed...

This is his "Maggie Simpson" look.

And this is his Doug McKenzie face. "Take off!" (He does it much more accurately, but it's hard to capture his expressions before they're gone!

Sleeping peacefully.

Chillin' in his "fish chair," borrowed from Aunt Gina. This bouncy seat has apparently made the rounds of... about six different babies in the last five years.

This is Aunt Gina of the afore-mentioned fish chair. He looks pretty comfy!

Just a funny face.

Our little burrito!

Maybe he's trying to talk on the phone?

Taking over Daddy's side of the bed. :)


More sleeping. He doesn't do as much of that as he used to.

Close up.

This is after nGogo helped us with a bath. I love this picture!

And here is his new pacifier (or soother, as it's known in this house), also suggested by Aunt Gina. He's a huge fan, much preferring it over the hospital pacifier. We sent Daddy and Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena down to Walmart to purchase it. Great choice, don't ya think?

Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena are here for the weekend. We're super excited that they were able to come down and meet our little Luke. There will be more pictures of that soon (hopefully!). Currently Daddy and Uncle Luke are playing football on the Play Station, and little Luke is sleeping with Aunt Helena. Too cute! I'm just glad to have a minute to update everyone.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Few More Pictures of Luke

Early smiles.

Mommy loves her boy.

So does Daddy.

This was Daddy's first day back to work...

This is one of Luke's "room tadpole" outfits. Thanks Aunt Deborah! :)

Mommy's friend Tasha came over for a visit (play date?? Although neither baby did much playing...) this week. Little Eva is about two weeks older than Luke. I was fun to be around someone else with a little baby. Eva looks just like her Daddy, but with her Mommy's hair.

This week has been a bit tough but we're doing okay. It was awfully nice to have Gramma here for a week. We were glad that she got to meet Luke, but also for her help. Now nGogo is here to help out for a few days and that's been lovely too. Luke's umbilical cord stump fell off yesterday, and I was excited about that. It's nice to see his little "outie."

Anyway, we're hoping to continue to improve this week. He's eating well, although it can be quite painful for me... Hopefully that will get better quickly.

And now, it's nap time, so I may actually have an opportunity for a shower! Gotsta run!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Just Some Photos

This was Friday night after playing games with my mom and dad... Little did we know that 24 hours later we would be timing contractions wondering if this could possibly be "the real thing."

Then, at some point in the evening before Luke was born, after I had showered to "see if it would make the contractions go away" I didn't know where Andrew had gone. After looking around a bit, I heard him back in the baby's room. This is what I found him doing...

This was Luke's first picture... ( I know you can't see him all that well, but...)

Close ups... and yes, that's my nose.

Daddy and Mommy with our new boy...

We love our little Luke!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Luke Andrew Mackay!

Well, so much for going past my due date!! Not that I'm complaining or anything... This is just a quick update from two sleepy parents.

Luke Andrew Mackay was born on Sunday, March 30th at 4:47 in the morning, ten days early.

Mommy and Daddy finally decided to go to the hospital at 3:00, so Daddy threw some stuff together and we arrived at the hospital at 3:30 with contractions very close together. After taking about 20 minutes to check in through the ER (silly us, we had mailed our pre-registration the day we went into labour!) someone from labour and delivery finally came to get us. Then, after another 15-20 minutes of checking into labour and delivery (did they really expect me to be able to answer any of those questions?) a midwife checked me and announced that I was already fully dilated and effaced. We were then rushed to a labour and delivery room where basically on arrival it was time to push. Yikes (and ouch)! Luke was here after about 20-30 minutes. It was too neat to have him there on my tummy while I was being stitched up (he was born perhaps a little too fast). We love him!!! He is so beautiful.

He was then visited by all family close enough to do so throughout the day on Sunday. MKhulu and nGogo were on hand to meet him soon after delivery, having just barely been called on the way out the door. All of his uncles and aunts from the American side of the family and most of his cousins came to see him on his first day of life out of the womb. We're super excited to meet Gramma tomorrow night, if all goes as planned.

Luke weighed in at eight pounds, two ounces and had the midwife and the nurses all commenting on how big he was. I couldn't help but tell them that we had been expecting an even bigger baby, so I was happy with his "small" size. He was 20 1/2 inches long and has a lovely head of blondish brown hair... is there, perhaps a hint of red?

He is beautiful and is growing well and eating well. He seems to be sleeping well. The same cannot be said for the new mom and dad, but we're all learning. And more pictures will come later!