Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memorial Day Park Fun Part 2

Here are a few more shots of our Memorial Day at the park. Luke was super sweet and I just loved watching him toddle around exploring.

This is our first real occurrence of "stick play." Luke found a stick at the park and was fascinated by it. He used it to poke things and point at things, mostly. It was just cute.

Here, Lukey and Daddy are playing the big xylophone at the park. It was pretty cool. Andrew did a pretty nice rendition of "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee" but declined my request to put it on the blog! :) Luke thought it was pretty cool that he could hit something and it made a sound.

My two happy boys. Luke was really ridiculously having a good time. (Yes, I know that sentence is odd.)

Again with the swings. I have got to look for a toddler swing for our house. We have a place to put it and everything. I just need to be a little more disciplined about looking for one.

I'll leave you with this look of glee.


nGogo said...

What made you say he was having a good time? Are you an expert in the b.... o.....? And I say all that to say... I think, as well, that he had a really good time! And I love these pictures. I can feel the energy radiating off him.

Anonymous said...

He seems to be missing his sedate, laid back, reserved, Canadian genes :o)
Any time you want to call my number and leave a message of him giggling - you're on!

Aunt D

mKhulu said...

Are those teeth sharp?