Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

It's hard to believe that another year has gone by. A lot has happened in this year... this morning Andrew mentioned starting a family practice each New Years Eve of jotting down the "main events" of the year, etc. just so that we would have an ongoing tale of the Mackay family. I like this idea. Our lives have changed a lot in the last 3 years of engagement, marriage, and our first (hopefully) pregnancy. And next year, HannOni (more on that name later) will be in the outer-womb world. Wow. It's crazy to think how much my life changed by marrying Andrew, and crazy how much it has already changed as a result of a baby who I can't yet hold. I can only imagine the changes we are about to embark on. Just wow. God has been good to us.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Beginning

So, this is where I'll make an attempt to keep up a running commentary on pregnancy, and hopefully mommy-hood as well. I've been wanting to start a new blog for several months, but you know how that goes. I'm currently in the midst of my first ever pregnancy cold. Not so fun... especially when Andrew is still sick too.

The baby is currently attempting to kick the laptop off my lap as I type. It feels like an alien in my tummy. :) But, a very sweet alien, mind you. Maybe she just wants to say hi (and no, that is not an admission that we're having a girl... I just like to mix it up a little). I am currently 26 weeks. According to, that means I have 99 days left until my due date! It's crazy how soon that seems. We're almost at the 6 month mark. Wow. I must admit, I'm pretty excited to meet this little person. It's crazy because the baby moves so much... It's hard to explain how that feels. But, it's fun when others can feel her move, too. Obviously, Andrew was the first to feel the baby (after me, of course), and he was able to feel movement exactly 6 weeks ago, today (even though we were told not to expect others to feel the baby until at least 24 weeks). She wouldn't cooperate for anyone else until this last week when she decided to kick for her GrammaMack, who was visiting from Canada. The next day, she kicked a little for her nGogo as well. It's nice to have constant reminders that she's there, and that she seems to be doing okay. We love her already.