Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Gifts

We had a lovely little Christmas morning, just the three of us. I had a lot of fun shopping for Luke this year. It was much more difficult than I had imagined to keep myself in check. Luke's personality is just popping out these days and he is much more able to express his preferences (a little too able, sometimes!). That just makes it more fun. Although I have changed the way I look at toys, even just since Christmas, I enjoyed choosing things I thought would bring a smile to our son's face.

Unwrapping the first un-stocking gift. :)

Working on a colouring book.

Ooooohhh. It's Barney. Bought by the mother who swore she wouldn't let the purple guy in the house when she had kids... But he likes it and I endure it for him.

Another big hit? A dog calendar from the dollar store.

He and Andrew sat and looked at all the "wuh wuhs" for quite a while.

This was a magnadoodle and I was pretty excited about this one. It was one of the things I picked out a while back and was happy to see him enjoy it. Although it did take him a while to get past the "Tommy!" wrapping paper.

Yeah, Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase. :) He had a lot of fun requesting outfit changes on "Head." What a fun kid!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing With The Stocking Stuff Part Two

Luke was pretty happy to receive play doh for Christmas, and he didn't even know what it was! I foresee some good times in our future.

Just enjoying squishing it around.

In and out, in and out... I'm glad we only got out one colour!

He enjoyed flattening it out by hitting it with his hand. He was so cute trying to copy whatever we did.

This was the second attempt at eating the play doh. But I LOVE the cute expression on his little face!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing with the Stocking Stuff Part One

We got him a cute set of car keys because he loves pretending to get keys and go to work. He was TOO excited about them. Unfortunately, they have already gone missing. I have looked everywhere, or at least it feels like it! I hope they turn up soon.

The boys getting ready to play with Luke's new matchbox cars.

Luke telling Andrew what he's supposed to do.

Two boys, playing happily together. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

After Stockings

This is in contrast with our Christmas Eve photo! Andrew and I did stockings for each other, too. I just didn't post pictures of that.

Christmas Stocking!

Our little one woke on Christmas morning just as cheerful as always. After a diaper and clothing change (one day maybe he'll be able to stay in his pajamas) he came running out to see the world.

He ran around the corner like he knew there was something exciting going on. I wonder how much he picks up from Andrew and I?

He was pretty impressed with his glasses... too bad they only survived about ten hours till someone stepped on them. :(

He did, however insist on wearing his glasses on his head for the next few presents. What a "cool dude."

A lovely photo taken with amazing skill by the boy's dad.

He so loved the "buddles!" Of course, they started out as being "bunnles" and moved on from there!

I love this picture of him reaching into his stocking! He's such a sweetie.

Daddy helping with some of the trickier wrapped items.

"Is there anything else in here?"

Lukey was pretty excited about the orange and potato in the toe of his stocking. Daddy then explained to him why we put those items there. I tried to video the explanation, but it didn't turn out so hot. But it still made me tear up. We are so blessed!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Angels

The snow is still falling down outside my windows as I type. It feels like it has been snowing for weeks! Oh, wait, it has! It is beautiful, but I am quite thankful that we don't have to go anywhere. We have banana/zucchini bread and coffee and tea. Lovely.

My husband posted today about our son's appreciation, or lack thereof, for my snow angel abilities. So I thought I should share his destruction of my beautiful creation. (And it totally made me think of the movie Snow Day when Andrew helped me up so I didn't have to mar my angel with handprints... Although I'm a bit embarrassed that I know that much about that movie!)

Here is Luke, happily sitting in the middle of my snow angel. He looks so innocent and sweet here.

And here is his alter-ego, trying to copy Mommy. It was such a hilarious time, watching Luke throw himself backwards in the snow and yell (I don't remember yelling or making those expressions...). He really enjoyed the snow. And it looks like we could go enjoy it again if we wanted to. I looked out this morning to see that our snowman's head might not be discernible anymore, but his body sure is. And that was from two weeks ago! Craziness. It is COLD!

I Know You're Not Supposed to Cry Over Milk...

But what about eggs? This was Luke, being helpful. When I found him he was happily running his hands through the mess. Salmonella or E. Coli anyone? This was a case where I didn't get the good picture before cleaning my son up. :)