Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Luke

He is such a fun and goofy kid. He loves this bowl. I have pretty much just let it begin it's life in the toy bin instead of in my cupboard. Only recently has he begun to "help" mommy in the kitchen by grabbing this bowl and waiting until I give him a spoon to stir with. He's just so much fun these days. He learns something new every day!

"Hey Mom, did you know this makes a great hat?"

"See, you put it on like this..."

How can you not smile at this?


nGogo said...

Or just laugh out loud.

gina said...

you can't not smile!

GrammaMack said...

What fun! What a cutie pie!

mKhulu said...

It looks a bit like "a John B. Stetson chamber pot." Some old-time folk/country fans will recognize that phrase. I am just glad it really is a bowl.

rebecca said...

Well... I thought it was a bowl anyway... Wonder where it came from? :)