Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back Yard

Well, Luke is finally getting used to the grass under his feet. He loves being outside... to the annoying point that he has started crying whenever it's time to go in. I've been around enough kids to know this day would come, but it doesn't make it any easier. :) I hate laundry the most, cause I have to go outside and around the house to the basement. I usually bring Luke and plop him down on the grass near our garden while I run in and work on the laundry. Unfortunately, that usually only adds up to about five minutes, max. I've tried leaving him upstairs, but he inevitably gets into something he shouldn't. I've taken him in the basement with me, but that's hard cause I don't want to put him down on the nasty floor, and it's hard to do laundry with him in my arms (it's hard enough to carry him and a laundry basket!). The sling helps some, but...

Anyway, that was a tangent I didn't intend to go off on, but, he really does like to be outside! It seems almost cruel to take him out for just a few minutes, but I can't be out there for 20 minutes-forever every time I need to switch laundry! :)

I just like this kid. I'm keeping him.

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GrammaMack said...

We're cool with that, as long as you share. :-)

Word verification: canines! Time for a puppy, perhaps?