Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gramma and Grandpa Mack's visit.

I know that I've been blogging in fits and starts lately... Sorry about that. But, here are a few photos from when Andrew's parents were here a month ago. We took them to the gorge to look at the bridge. It was a good time. :)

This was taken right after Andrew's parents got here. Luke warmed up to Grandpa pretty quickly!

Luke and Grandpa playing with the new Little People train set that Gramma and Grandpa got Luke for his birthday! I don't know who was more excited about him opening it... me, or Gramma. He had a good time. Again, though, he was quite interested in the box! He has such fun with it! He really enjoys pushing the buttons and making it play the sounds or music. It was definitely a fun gift.

Here are Mum and Dad (Gramma and Grandpa... I know I'm not supposed to keep switching names!) with the bridge behind them.

And here they are on the way down (or was it the way up?) to the overlook.

Gramma and Grandpa and Lukey taking a much needed rest. I don't think Luke needed it (he got carried the whole way!), but he seemed pretty happy. It was a lovely hot day in March and we enjoyed the excursion. I enjoy the fact that it took us about five minutes to get there! Much closer than when we were in Beckley.

This last picture was taken right before Grandpa and Gramma left to go back home to Canada. We miss them so much and are really looking forward to being in Canada in August. We've really enjoyed chatting with them via web cam, though. That was the best idea ever! We had such fun with them on their visit and look forward to when they get to come again. It was mostly relaxing and just hanging out. I really enjoyed the day that they kept Luke so that Andrew and I could go on a bowling date. That was a really good time. We love you Mum and Dad!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


'Nuff said.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just cause I like these

I'm posting these just cause I think they're cute. They were taken right before he started walking.

Toy box Shenannigans 2

He seems rather pleased with himself, dontcha think?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Cake at Grandview

We had planned to have a birthday bash for Lukey on the 28th of March, but everyone in my family was sick. I was pretty disappointed, although admittedly Luke didn't seem to mind. We had a good time on his actual birthday, though so that was fun. Then, we were able to throw together a last minute party for this past weekend so we ran with that. (Sorry Gina that your flooring didn't come in!) We planned it for Grandview park so that it was closer for most people than driving all the way to F-town to our house. Plus, it had lots of space for the older kids to play. The only problem is that it was freezing! Oh my goodness. It was so cold. Luke's nose was red for the rest of the day. But overall I'd say it was a definite success and I'm happy that we were able to do it. Here are a few shots of the day. Josiah took better pictures, but I haven't figured out how to download them properly yet.

The train cake, which I was pretty happy with. Although it nearly caused tears when we had to cancel. Fortunately, it froze pretty well and was a hit, especially with the kids.

He saw the cake and immediately started signing "more." Too cute.

He received his very own "Luke is 1!" train car. I don't think he was impressed.

Here's Daddy, trying to encourage him to have a taste, or at least get a little messy!

Finally delving in.

I don't think he was too impressed either way. He could take it or leave it.

Cutting the cake for everyon else.

"All done!"

We had a good day, despite the cold and wind. I was worried for a while cause it ended up taking four guys to get the fire started for hot dogs. Apparently Josiah is a genius in that department to, cause it finally worked when he showed up! We enjoyed celebrating our little boy... and are glad it's over! I confess that I just now finished unpacking all the stuff from the party. Oops. But, now it's on to life with a one-year-old! Here we come!