Tuesday, January 29, 2008

mKhulu and nGogo's house

This week Andrew is in Parkersburg for training for work. :( HannOni and I are visiting Baba mKhulu and nGogo for a few days. It's been good to visit as we haven't seen much of my parents lately. Andrew's been very busy with school in the evenings and every weekend. Hopefully that will tone down at the end of February. It's nice to be spoiled by my parents for a few days.

I'm starting to think about the baby's room. I hadn't really given it too much thought, not really knowing what I wanted to do, but now I'm having several ideas that should be fairly cost effective as well. I was going to leave the room the pale green that it is now, cause I like it, but the more I think about it, the more I want to change it. I'm thinking blues and browns at the moment... I'm trying to talk Andrew into painting stripes on the bottom half of the wall, but I don't think he's very into that (not so much cause he doesn't want stripes as he doesn't want to be the one painting the stripes, I think). :) But really, with paint, curtains, and perhaps a rug, that should make a big difference. I'm starting to realize there are quite a few things that we will need that I hadn't really thought about. There are a lot of little things, and several big things. Wow.

It's crazy to think that we have so much to do in the next ten weeks. It's also crazy to think that we just have ten weeks left! Yikes. Our childbirth classes have been canceled the last two weeks due to snow. Hopefully we'll be able to meet this week, with this new weather system possibly coming.

The baby is still as crazy active as ever. He's kicking and wriggling as I type. It's still awfully neat to feel him move around, but man, he does it a lot!

Right now we're enjoying watching basketball with mKhulu. The Mountaineer women are playing Rutgers and we're ready to watch the second half. I'm trying to train him (her) young.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Glucose and Hemoglobin

So, today I had my glucose screening. I was supposed to have it last week, but two things happened. First, I forgot my paperwork, and second, I drank water in the two hours prior. Oops. Oh well, it's all over now and I just have a little bruise on my finger. Oh, and just for the record, I'm totally picking fruit punch next time. (They have you drink a glucose solution and you have to pick orange or fruit punch...) It really wasn't bad, and for someone who is totally freaked out by needles, I think I did a pretty good job.

After my appointment, I dropped Andrew off at work and headed to Jena's house to hang out with her older kids so that she could go to the doctor. After not sleeping (I woke up at 3:47 and didn't go back to sleep) it's a wonder they were still alive when she got home. :) I'm SO ready for bed. This was a bad day to pick to stay out all day. I fell asleep in the truck waiting to pick Andrew up. It was nuts.

Okay. Jeopardy is on, so I must go.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

29 weeks

So I had an appointment with a midwife on Friday... I got to try a new one (midwife, that is) since my usual one went home sick. It was a fairly typical appointment. I was supposed to have my glucose and hemoglobin screening done, but didn't realize I wasn't supposed to drink water before hand. Oops. So now I'm going back on Tuesday to do it. The baby is doing well. I'm starting to feel like a house and am wondering how much bigger I can possibly get in the next 11 weeks (although my sisters-in-law assure me that I can get much bigger).

It's hard to believe that we're due in just 11 weeks. That is so crazy. Andrew and I were out shopping yesterday (I found some cute maternity corduroy pants for $10.79. Yay for that!) and we were in Sears and decided to go look at their car seats and strollers and such... It was ridiculous to realize that we really need to start planning for these things. I mean, really, we have two packages of diapers and a couple of outfits. I need to get on the ball. I've done a lot of research online for things like car seats and cribs, but it's just always been for future reference. Now, the future is here, or at least it will be soon. I need to start getting things together. And really, how much is a reasonable price for a car seat/stroller combo? I don't know. But we're going to need one. I think I've found a good deal, but you never know. I need to start a list of things we will need to have on hand before the baby comes and things that can wait for a while. I'd rather not end up with a bunch of yellow and green stuff, but the kid will need something to wear. So many things, so little time. :) Although, it was good to compare notes with expecting friends and family at church this morning. There will be several babies born in the next few months, which is fun.

Anyway, the Mountaineers are playing and I'm going to settle in to watch the second half. I thought I'd take the chance to update while I could get the computer though... Andrew's been working on school SO much lately. :)

Let's goooooooooooo Mountaineers!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

28 Weeks

Today we are 28 weeks. More than six months. We're into the final trimester. 85 days left until our due date. Yikes.

The baby has been moving SO much lately. It's been kinda fun. He seems to be most active in the evening hours and for the first 15 to 20 minutes after we go to bed. I guess he notices that he's not being rocked to sleep any more. It really is crazy amazing to imagine the little person living inside me. I am definitely growing as a result of this pregnancy, and I mean that in more ways than one. I've been thinking about all that we've been through already... It's scary/exciting/humbling to think of how much our lives are changed. There's no going back (not that I'd want to).

We started childbirth classes this past week... I think they will be helpful. It was interesting to be in a room with about 15 other pregnant women ( I know, our class is huge). Two of them were there with their own mothers, one was there with her boyfriend, and the rest were all there with their spouses. I was actually impressed to hear so many women say, "I'm so-and-so, and this is my husband so-and-so." In this day and age, you never know what you're going to get. It was also kinda fun to see that in that group, we're the only ones who don't know the sex of our baby. I don't think we realized how odd it is to not find out these days. At times, I wish we knew just for ease of preparation, but I'm glad that we're waiting. I'm supposed to be working on my breathing this week... Andrew has been making me laugh by trying to get me to "breathe through" everything. He's a funny guy and I'm so glad that I have him. He has been such a blessing throughout this pregnancy and I am just so thankful for him. He's just great.

And last, but not least, HannOni... We've kinda settled on Hannah Grace (she'd go by Grace) for a girl and either Luke Andrew or Luke Onesimus for a boy. I've always said I was going to name my son Onesimus and call him Oni. Andrew wasn't nuts about that, but said it might work for a middle name. So anyway, somehow we've taken to calling the baby "HannOni" in a meshing effect. My only fear is that it will stick. :) For clarification on who Onesimus was, read the book of Philemon.