Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playing with Trains

Here are just a few pictures of our crazy kid playing with the Little People train set Gramma and Grandpa got him for his birthday. He really likes it and has unfortunately learned that if you stand on the buttons they make noise and music (the train is supposed to roll over them, depressing them and making a train whistle and other sounds). He is funny.

Okay, this picture just made me laugh. So I put it here. :)

He loves the little houses for the horse and the dog. He think it is so cool to pull or push on the tops and get the doors to open. He hasn't yet learned how to twist the top of the ticket booth...

He really enjoys this toy.

He has almost learned to close the doors himself, but can't quite master the sliding mechanism. It won't be long before he's opening and closing them entirely by himself!

This toy is always good for a nice play session. We keep it in the "formal" living room so it's not mixed in with most of his toys. We usually take a break from the family room several times a day to go and play in the living room and the train set is always a highlight. Especially if I am willing to sit there and stuff a person/dog/horse/whatever in the little house and close the door five brazilian times. Of course I then have to act incredibly surprised and pleased when Luke opens it to reveal the object inside. Sometimes the force of the door sliding open knocks whatever is inside out and behind the house and it cracks me up to see his shocked look. He knows there was something in there and it should still be there... He's learning to look behind to see if it's there. He is too sweet.

Thanks for the trains, Gramma and Grandpa!

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GrammaMack said...

We're so glad he's enjoying it! (And we hope it doesn't drive you crazy.) :-) He's got the greatest smile!