Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Response

So, this is my brief response to "father's" post. I thought we'd add a few happier pictures of the little man. He's too sweet. Also, I didn't realize that I put the captions above my pictures... I will spend the next few posts trying to decide whether or not I want to change that or not. For now, I'll keep with the past. :)

This is our happy little boy. It's so hard to catch his smiles without blurring them.

Such a sleepy little smile! It's too sweet when he smiles in his sleep or as he's going to sleep. I just love him!

This is one of those blurry pictures, but it's also really sweet, so I thought I'd post it anyway. He totally has a thing for sticking out his tongue when he smiles.

And here, I have NO idea what or who he's looking at, but he has such a look of adoration on his little face. This is definitely a keeper!

Anyway, those are a few shots of our little Luke. Each day brings something new. Smiles are much easier to come by these last couple of weeks (although he still has his usual frown as well). It's fun to see him developing on a daily basis, but it also makes me aware how quickly he's growing up. I already miss the "early days" and he's only eight weeks old!

I'm planning to post a few pictures of Luke's baby shower from this past Sunday at our church as well as some others. We've had a crazy couple of weeks... our car broke down, I spent the weekend in Huntington for my aunt's funeral, I got sick, Andrew's been working overtime, etc.

For now, it's off to join our sleeping (finally!) little one.

Checking in

Howdy all, Dad here. Hehe... that's the first time I think I've ever called myself dad in writing. Of course, in order to really make my parents proud, I'll start referring to Rebecca as mother. (My dad likes to call my mom that in order to grate on her nerves). And, I had to fight the temptation to spell grate as great in that sentence to further incite my mom to wrath... or comment, or something.

So, I'm here to talk a little bit about my son. He's... well, he's been grumpy today. And no, he's not just mirroring his dad's moods. I was grumpy yesterday. Not really, but anyway... I thought I'd post some screamy, grumpy pictures, and then later let Rebecca post some happy, smiley pictures.

Oh, and for the record, my commentary will be below the picture, whereas my wife does hers above each one.

So, this is a grumpy Luke in a cute-and-old-enough-that-it-belonged-to-his-mom West Virginia onesie that he's already out-grown. In the corner you can see one of his awesome custom burp cloths, courtesy Jaclyn and Vince. Super cute... and super angry. I think his mom had mentioned the loss to Pitt that cost us a National Championship spot last December, but I can't be sure.

This is Luke in his first West Virginia hat, received at his shower at church. It's a little big, but he's excited about it. He just needed a nap when this picture was taken.

This face cracks me up... It looks just like my "are you serious?" face. Yeah, eight weeks old and already a skeptic.

And, last but not least, this is the "If you don't fix this situation right quick, I'm going to snap" face. He is getting more predictable in his personality and his mood changes, and it's a whole lot of fun.

Of course, lest you think I imply that he is grumpy all the time, let me just say that I scoured about 250 pictures to find these 4 semi-grumpy ones. In spite of my appreciation for the grumpy pictures, he's happy a lot more than he is grumpy. And boy do we love him.

Dadcrest, out.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


This just made me smile...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Family Pic

This is our first picture together as a family since we were in the hospital. How sad is that? But I'm glad that we have one (or several) now. Luke was getting hungry, so the photo shoot was cut short. Such is life now! I took Luke for his one month checkup this week. He's growing well. He now weighs ten and a half pounds and is 22 inches long. His doctor said he is in the 80th percentile for both height and weight, which wasn't a surprise. He's super sweet and we are loving the fact that his personality is beginning to show a bit more now. I'm trying to make the time to get a few more of these family pictures up, but for now, this is it!

Friday, May 2, 2008

First Meetings

As I said, Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena were here for the weekend. This was little Luke's first introduction to his namesake. Aren't they cute together?

Auntie Helena observes the first meeting.

Visitors from the north, makers of a hit record... (except for the "record" part)

"Hi little Luke. He's so sweet! Look at his little fingernails..." (Okay, I don't know if they really said those things or not, but hey, poetic license!)

Daddy and Uncle Luke having a little game of "golf ball" out in the yard.

Aunt Helena and Luke just chillin' together on the couch. They spent quite a bit of time this way. It was fun to see our friends interact with our son.

And here's another with big Luke. :)

It was really good to spend some more time with Luke and Helen. We love it when they come down and are looking forward to seeing them up north in a couple of months. We look forward to sharing more root beer and perhaps some crazy Cranium time (Canadian version) then.