Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Well, we've come a long way, baby! I have been looking through a bunch of pictures this morning, being sorta nostalgic and all. I am so thankful for the wonderful father my husband has become. It has been really neat to watch Andrew grow into his role more and more. Luke is a blessed child and I, a blessed wife. Luke loves his daddy so much. He gets SO excited when he hears the door at lunch time and at the end of the day. It is precious. Also, if he ever hears a noise out the window he starts saying and signing "Da Da Da Da Da." Because one time, Daddy was out there grilling and made noise... Now every noise from that window must be Dada. He is too much fun.

I am thankful that God has given Lukey and I just the man that we need. I love to watch Luke trying to emulate his father. It won't be long before he cries when Andrew leaves for work instead of happily waving "bye bye" and signing "I love you!"

It's hard to believe that this is our second Father's Day with little Luke. I understand a little more each day why my parents always tell me that only yesterday I was a baby on my father's knee. Thanks mom and dad.

And here are a few pictures of Andrew with Luke over the last 14 months...

This was taken just days after Luke was born. They were so very sweet together!

Again... just so sweet! I can't believe how tiny he was!

Of course, he always looked tiny in Andrew's hands.

Just holding hands and hanging out. :) Luke was very talkative that day as I remember.

I think this one was within a month of Father's Day last year. His shirt says "I Love Daddy" and was worn by Andrew when he was little! I miss that shirt!

Two boys in two hats. It's hard to believe that Luke's hat doesn't even fit him any more. It looks so big on him here!

I remember trying SO hard to get both of them to look at me at the same time... No luck, but I love Andrew's eyes in this one.

And then there's those two, taken only last month. Our little walker, talker, signer, eater, player, sleeper, but still not cuddler, has sure come a long way.

Thank you Andrew, for all you do for us. I know you work hard and then you come home and work hard some more. Thanks for all the sacrifices you make every day for Luke and me (and also for your grammatical awareness... I had to stop and think, "Luke and I... no, cause then if I take Luke away... :)).

I love you and am so very proud of you. I'm so happy that I am married to you. It is wonderful to be truly hopeful that our son grows up to be just like you.

ps- I'm sorry you had to go to church alone on Father's Day while I stayed home with our sicko!


GrammaMack said...

What a beautiful and touching tribute to your husband and Luke's daddy! And I happen to know that they are very blessed to have you, too.
(Also, kudos for the grammar catch.) :-)Huzzah!

rebecca said...

Aw. :) Thanks Mum. You raised a good man.

gina said...

we missed you today, rebecca! thanks for the walk down memory lane. (also, do you know how intimidating it is to blog, knowing the grammar police are out there? i just have to put it out of my head or i would never do it again. so, apologies after the fact and in advance. "don't judge me, lizzie. don't you dare judge me!") wonderfully sentimental post.

mKhulu said...

I have heard that a son-in-law is a man who is not good enough for your daughter, but has the most wonderful children in the world. Well, I think you did far better than that. I surely am well satisfied with our son-by-marraige.