Sunday, May 31, 2009

Outside Play

Here are a few shots of Daddy and Luke enjoying the great out of doors. They were making hot dogs for our supper. :)

Luke was pretty happy to be "helping" Daddy.

Pointing at the grill, the most awesomest of "man machines." He was pretty thrilled.

Spontaneous hugs for Daddy. That was just precious.

Daddy is trying to teach him right, with a CFL football. :)

Still not sure about this grass stuff...

He LOVES being outside. I see a summer full of fun. I really want to get him a little baby pool and sandbox. I think he would have a good time. Today he was "helping" us garden. He really thinks it's fun to dig with the little spade. Love him!


GrammaMack said...

What a cute kid! And Luke is adorable too. :-)

mKhulu said...

Two cute kids and one beautiful wife/mother! She isn't pictured, but I am witness to the fact that she is the most likely object of these boys' smiles. Right Canuchress?

L said...

Mais oui, monsieur! She's my favourite! :-)

GrammaMack said...

Argh! Can't figure out how to sign in as GrammaMack these's hit and miss!