Monday, September 7, 2009

A visit to Zwick's Park

One of my favourite places to go when we head to Canada each year (yes, even before we had Lukey) is Zwick's park. It is right up the road from Gramma and Grandpa's house. I can't wait for Luke to be excited about it, too! We managed to get there for a walk one morning, but poor Lukey didn't get a chance to swing or play much, because he was too ready for a nap! But, it was fun anyway. We met Uncle Matt and Cait there, and Grandpa and Gramma. It was a sweet way to spend some time.

Luke thought it was the coolest thing to hold Grandpa's hand as we walked. It wasn't so easy to push the stroller that way, but it was pretty darn cute!

Luke excited with all there was to see. You'll notice the Tim Horton's bag in Andrew's hand... :)

Learning to blow dandelion seeds everywhere with Daddy!

He couldn't quite blow hard enough, so he found another way to remove the seeds.

We enjoyed taking a bit of a stroll while catching up with family. Luke had a lot of fun running around and looking at all the dogs before we set out to walk a bit. He really likes dogs unless they look at him, or walk toward him, or breathe, or... you get the idea. But he's getting better!


mKhulu said...

Good photos, but the Tim Horton's bag could have been zoomed in on a little better.

L said...

Thanks for not blogging about our eye-rolling door adventures that day. :-)

rebecca said...

Oh Mum, don't think it wasn't tempting! Too funny...

"I love inside jokes. I'd like to be a part of one someday."
-michael scott.