Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday Fun

My birthday was at the end of July. Andrew and I went out to dinner and a movie while Mark and Jena watched Luke for us. We had SUCH a good time! I really needed a little time away and this was perfect.

Here we are in the car outside of Outback. Woo hoo!

And this is how we found our son when we arrived back at Mark and Jena's. I truly had no idea he would sleep there, and expected him to be awake when we got back. It was so sweet to walk in and find him knocked out cold. Apparently he fell asleep right around his usual bed time of seven o'clock and was still out when we got there at nine.

It's exhausting playing with cousins! Seriously. He has such a good time chasing all the kiddos usually that I'm sure he had a blast. And I was SO glad to be able to enjoy my evening with Andrew and not worry about Lukey. I think the only one who didn't have a good evening was Courage, the puppy. (Luke is scared of dogs and I think poor Courage got relegated to the front porch for most of the visit.) So thanks again, guys. We had a great time.

Also, I just realized that this post shows how far behind I am! Yikes!


jena said...

great - show my "parenting skills" by showing the pillows stacked up around the couch :) - I really was there watching him the whole time! Glad you had a fun evening - you should do it again sometime!

Natalie said...

Jena- I thought the pillows were brilliant! Nothing liking feathers to break a fall!

rebecca said...

I, too, thought the pillows were an example of expert parenting! That kid doesn't lie still for long, usually. Although apparently he was incredibly exhausted... :)