Saturday, September 12, 2009

P'bo Zoo

Here are some more shots of our trip to the Peterborough Zoo. Luke had such a good time with his cousins and aunts and uncles. It was a really good (but LONG) day.

This is in front of a cute little fountain... Andrew gave me a penny to throw in and make a wish! Poor Luke was almost asleep by this point.

Here is Luke with GrammaMack. He enjoyed looking at the goats etc., with her!

I love this picture of Luke. He was so enthralled with all there was to see.

He enjoyed climbing around on things. His expressions made me laugh!

Luke has such a happy look on his face here as he raced to look at... whatever!

Looking at the turkeys.

Luke had no shortage of cousins to help him up, or down, or feed him, or play with him, or hold his hand, or push the stroller, or... you get the idea. I had a bit of a vacation at Aunt Sue's house!

He is such a sweet boy! He had a lot of fun looking into all the enclosures (I don't think there was anything on the other side of this fence, but hey, it was awesome!). His favourite things were all the birds. Plus when the cousins got him to pat their shoulders and were then all clamouring for his attention yelling "Luke, pat me, pat me!" "No, it's my turn, pat me!" It made me laugh so hard.

All in all, we had a lovely day with family.

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GrammaMack said...

Sweet pictures. Sweet boy!