Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lukes at the Zoo

It was lovely to be in Canada again. We saw SO many people and it was crazy busy, but it was good. I wish we could've stayed longer. Before the Peterborough family get together we headed to the Peterborough Zoo with cousins and friends. More on that will follow, eventually. But we were thrilled to be joined by Luke and Helena. It was SO good to see them again.

Here is a shot of Andrew and the Lukes on a climbing boulder.

Daddy and Lukey having a blast!

Here are the four of us. We've had a whole lot of fun with Luke and Helena over the past few years. They've proved to be really good friends and we so look forward to getting together with them. When's the next visit, guys?


mKhulu said...

Seeing your photos from Canada and hearing your stories set me to thinking. Our family surely has been blessed by things (more especially people) Canadian. How poor we'd be if we had never ventured north of the Ohio River.

NB. However I found an omen for a uniform lanuage in Canada. My word verification is "inglisma". being translated: "English me", eh!

GrammaMack said...

"How poor we'd be if we had never ventured north of the Ohio River." And us, south!

Word verification: traness...trains, for my husband!