Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Luke's been eating

While these photos are somewhat old, something I really enjoyed doing (for the most part anyway) was making his baby food. We did a lot of squash, carrots, yams, peas, green beans (more difficult to do than all the others... too stringy!) etc. I'm surprised he didn't turn orange! He has now graduated to where we don't need to puree anymore which is nice. I can just cook up a bit batch of veggies and freeze them for later use. Thanks to all those who gave advice on this process. It really isn't that hard and was TOTALLY worth the money we saved. I think I calculated in February that we spent for 3-4 weeks worth of homemade baby food what we would have spent for a weeks worth of store bought. Plus, I knew exactly what was in it! It was nice to have some of the Gerber variety for traveling or whatever, and we were given several of those that an older cousin had outgrown. However, I can honestly say that we only bought 8 jars/containers of baby food total. And we bought four of those before he was even born! I did pick up 6-8 toddler meals from Beech Nut because I had coupons for those (they ended up being six cents each!) and thought they would be nice for the future. We'll probably use those in the coming months. For now, I just toss whatever is in the fridge (lately it's been butternut squash that I finally tried, thanks for the encouragement Jena!) into a reusable container and off we go. I found four really cute "snack containers" at Kroger on sale, so those are what we're using to transport our baby's food for now.

Yummy! I must admit, I had a hard time not eating most of the squash. I LOVE squash!

Okay, sorry for the book. Hopefully I'll be back to blogging more soon. We had a blast with Gramma and Grandpa Mack this last week. What a blessing!


GrammaMack said...

We had a blast, too. We are missing you all intensely! Thanks again for everything.

GrammaMack said...


I was relieved that the content wasn't what I thought it might be after reading the title! :-)

Natalie said...

Thanks for this post, I've been meaning to home-make more baby food for Abby, I've done some but have resorted lately to grabbing jars (on sale) and a lot of cereal with applesauce mixed in. I've also found you can scrape out the insides of papaya pretty easily, so we've done that a lot...I need a food processor!!