Monday, March 30, 2009

A Birthday Present

So, when we got back from the park we gave Lukey a birthday present. What un-fun parents we are--we didn't even wrap it. And he may or may not have been playing with it in the box for weeks. But, it was fun none the less.

This is Luke, not sure what to make of all these shenanigans.

This is the look he had on his face when he first saw the truck out of the box.

"Oh, wow, you can actually move this thing!"

Learning how it works...

Personally, I just love this expression.

Daddy trying to teach him that it actually dumps stuff out. Not so sure he got that lesson.

What is it with kids and always liking the boxes best?

We had a good day together, especially after I started to feel better. I actually ate lunch today! Luke was lots of fun and I'm choosing to believe that he's screaming in his crib right now because he's just so happy.... Or, cause I'm trying to make him go to sleep. One or the other. He can have quite the temper and I think we have our hands full trying to get a grip on that while he's still young. It can be hard being a parent, but we love this little guy so much. In many ways this year has flown by, but I remember parts of it dragging. I have learned a lot and he is forcing me to grow in ways I didn't even know I needed to grow. Thank you God, for my son.

More blogging to come... depending on what my evening looks like. Maybe tomorrow I'll finish off the birthday day celebration. We still have a haircut and first cake to get through!


mKhulu said...

It is an amazingly short trip from "I love the box the truck came in" to "May I have the keys to the car?"
Enjoy the trip.

Word Verification: mytilyma- perhaps it means "my silly Ma"

Natalie said...

Every kid should have a big yellow dump truck...