Saturday, March 7, 2009

Luke's First Walk in F-ville

A few weeks ago Andrew and I took Lukey for a walk around our neighborhood for the first time. It's lovely to live in an area where it's easy to go for walks! Of course, there were a lot of hills and I don't think my knee has recovered yet, but it was lovely all the same. Luke had a good time until a dog came and barked at us. That wasn't so much fun. It was also one of the few times the kid has been in a stroller. He's usually in the sling, but it was nice to have a break and just take turns pushing him along.

Once he saw the house he was ready to get out!


Jessi said...

He's growing up entirely too fast. Stop! (OK. I guess it wouldn't be healthy to just stop growing. Just keep taking lots of pictures!)

GrammaMack said...

Hey, where are your coats and toques and mitts and boots? :-)