Friday, March 27, 2009

nGogo and Luke laughing

These pictures are from a visit with my parents... I'm not sure how long ago. Probably about a month. But he was having a really good time. I think nGogo may have been having a good time too. :)

He makes me laugh when he opens his mouth SO wide to laugh.

"Hi Mom! This is so funny!"

I don't remember who he was looking at by this point, but I think it was his daddy.

He can be such a happy little guy. And this wasn't even first thing in the morning!

It just does my heart good to see him laugh so wholeheartedly. I love this baby!


mKhulu said...

Hey fans, if you think his mouth is wide open when he laughs- you should watch him eat!

Jessi said...

We love him, too! And happy birthday to him.