Monday, March 23, 2009

fall down go boom

So this is how it all started out. It was all fun and games.

He was laughing so hard he could hardly sit up.

So he started tipping over...

Tears ensued when he smacked the back of his head on the floor.

Brief cuddles with mommy for comfort.

"Mom, don't make fun!"

Kisses and cuddles.

Happy baby again!


Felicia said...

OH these pictures are wonderful!!! So cute!!

mKhulu said...

Next time he begins that unstoppable pitch toward the floor, try shouting, "Bo o o n n k k k" with a little faked reverb. He may think its funny.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderfully full of life and cuteness boy you have (that didn't make much sense)

i'll take him if you ever want to give him away

- josiah

GrammaMack said...

He is such a dear little fellow. And he sure loves his mama!

rebecca said...

Dad, that was a very "Jack Handy" thing for you to say. I laughed.

jena said...

When you use the words "brief cuddles" you sound like Super Nanny! haha, Okay, so I thought it was funny.