Sunday, July 19, 2009

Independence Day

This year the Mackay side of the Smith family decided to stay home from the family Independence Day celebration and take in the Fayetteville sights and sounds. We had a really wonderful weekend in spite of the sickness that has pervaded our house in the last few weeks. For such a quiet little town, Fayetteville puts on quite the celebration! We took a family walk to the nearby town park where they had vendors and rides and even a little kids tractor pull. It was just quaint and I enjoyed it. Luke loved getting out and about a bit and seeing lots of other kids. Kids are pretty awesome, in case you didn't know.

Lukey and I before our walk to the park.

Kisses for Mumma!

Daddy and Luke at the park watching the kids tractor pull. I tried and tried to get a good picture of them both with their hands up like Luke's but it was not to be. :)

I just think these two are so adorable. Plus I love pictures like this.

Just Luke.

Back at home. Daddy was grilling steak and potatoes for supper. Luke is staring at the grill in awe. Maybe one day Daddy will let him grill something.

Family picture on the 4th. We had a wonderful time together.

Luke and I managed to listen to part of a concert downtown while waiting for Andrew to get off work. He had a blast. It was fun. We missed the fireworks cause we were all in bed by 9. How sad is that?

Lovely day.


Together We Save said...

Sweet pictures.

Betsy said...

love the family pic on the 4th!
not sad to miss fireworks - as long as you are enjoying your family!