Thursday, July 9, 2009

Father's Day

So Luke and I got Andrew a "Dads Rock" shirt for Father's Day. Jessi gave us a "My Dad Rocks" shirt for Luke (it's still way too big, but it was adorable anyway!). I really wanted to get a picture of them together. So we had a photo op in the back yard... Yeah, it just didn't work out so great. I'll have to try again sometime I think.

This one actually isn't bad, if Luke's eyes were open.

Another not too bad, but obviously Lukey's not looking at the camera. He's starting his escape.

At this point, he's definitely had enough and is off to explore the neighbors yard!

Oh well. I tried. And at least these were taken on Father's Day. Luke and I were not well that day so it's a small miracle we got that far!


GrammaMack said...

Oh, but they are adorable--especially the middle one. Both of their expressions are priceless!

mKhulu said...

We have a handsome granchild there. BTW, I "see" you over at Carla Rolfe's place pretty often. Does she, being AmerCanadian, answer Andrew, an CanAmerican?

mKhulu said...

Additionally our granchild really is a grand child.

GrammaMack said...

mKhulu, you read Carla Rolfe????

(You can see how stunned I am, using multiple question marks and thus violating one of my persnickety rules!)