Friday, July 10, 2009


His momma didn't raise no fool! Luke has repeatedly dumped all the blocks out of the activity table and flipped it upside down to use it as a step stool. He thinks he will be able to climb over "juvie" and get at the electronics.

Methinks this means it's time to send the activity table back to Sam and Gina's for baby "M" to use... :) Luke has since learned that he can actually get higher if he leaves the table right-side up. Crazy kid.


GrammaMack said...

Oh my. What a monkey! You sure do have your hands full!

mKhulu said...

I don't recall his mother climbing so much- must be Dad. However, I remember Mom "parachuting" off the garage with four plastic bags as her chute. Didn't work out very well for her. Hope Luke fares better!

GrammaMack said...

Not his dad, but could be his Uncle Matt, who upon jumping off a coffee table, cutting his head when landing, getting stitches in his head (for the second time in his short life), and arriving back home, got right up on the same coffee table to jump again. No parachute, either. :-)