Saturday, July 11, 2009

Water Play

I've been talking seriously about getting a baby pool for Lukey for a few weeks now. Still haven't done that. Still hoping to, though. Although, he did seem quite happy with his bowl of water and cup! I put his swimming trunks on him, just cause I wanted to see how they looked. They are super cute, but still too big for him. I bought them last summer on sale and they're 18 months. He's got such short little legs and a really long torso!

I love this last picture. He's just so sweet. He LOVES water and we need to do this more often. I still can't wait to get him into a pool. One day... Anyway, here's a closing video. Not the greatest, but he just made me smile. I need to take him out with more bowls to play in. :) Last weekend we were all outside while Andrew was cooking hotdogs on the grill. It started to rain a bit and Luke managed to discover our neighbors' rain barrel (a 5 gallon pail, I think). Oh my goodness! He was hysterical. It was SO cold I almost couldn't stand to be out and his little arms got cold quickly, but he had such a good time splashing in the water and falling in puddles. It was too funny. Since it was almost bedtime, we brought him in and gave him a nice warm bath to take the chill off. I really enjoyed that, as did our elderly neighbors. They like Luke a lot and let him play in their yard (which has much better grass than ours!).


GrammaMack said...

Always appreciate videos!

nGogo said...

I'm sorry but though your little one IS very sweet...that last picture does not say sweet to me...It says,
"Well, now, that was amusing. Now, let me think. What shall I do next!?! Ummm!"
Very contemplative. I just want to squeeze him.