Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Lukey

Yesterday my son turned two. Wow. I am still kinda shocked by that. We had a good day, for the most part. We played with some new sidewalk chalk (which was a big hit), played with some lacing cards he received from Uncle Sam and Aunt Gina, made a big mess with the bowling game given by Uncle Mark and Aunt Jena, and played with a kazoo and car given by Uncle Josiah and Aunt Jessi until Mommy had a headache and the car smelled like burnt electrical something. :) We finished the day with a chat via Skype with Gramma and Granpa Mack and Uncle Jonny and Colin. It was a good day. I am proud of my two-year-old.

It couldn't have been a birthday without a birthday greeting written in sidewalk chalk, right?

Daddy came upstairs for a brief respite to draw a snowman with the birthday boy.

I would say he was having a really good time. I don't know that he'd ever seen chalk before, at least not to get his hands on it and touch it, so he was lots of fun to watch.

It's sad when you have to write your own birthday message...

Just Luke, being Luke. I love this kid!

An end of the day birthday gift from us. I think the lacing beads will provide lots of entertainment and one day, he will be able to play with them on his own. :)

We enjoyed our day with our little one. He is infinitely precious to us. Thank you God for this evidence of your grace in our life.

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