Thursday, April 1, 2010

Planting Seeds

We are pretty excited to have some seedlings peeking through to greet us! This is the start of our garden. :) Right now, it's just a few tomato seeds that are poking through, but hopefully soon their neighbors, the peppers, will join them in their quest for sunlight. We haven't yet grown our tomatoes and peppers from seeds, so it's been awfully fun to examine them each morning to see if there is any new growth. I can't wait to teach Luke more about God's world through our garden. I know he will have fun working with us in our garden this year, and I look forward to many years of gardening fun!

Some "Endless Summer" tomatoes showing their pretty green leaves.

I love seeing little green specks all through! Woo hoo! Luke is learning to pick out the new shoots, but he gets excited over little green specks in the potting soil as often as he does about the actual plants... Oh well. We're getting there!


mercygraceword said...

God's growth - beautiful!

mKhulu said...

I have the old Troy Built loaded in the truck. See how Mackay likes that!

LaVonne said...

Oh, how I wish I could have a garden. Unfortunately we travel for work (well it is fun too) so we can't manage a garden too. Your plants look great! Spring time is such a wonderful time :)

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