Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Luke's Birthday Party

Luke had a great day celebrating his 2nd birthday with some of his little friends. We had his party this past Saturday and it was a fun day. Very busy, but fun. :) We decided that while he wouldn't have missed having a party, he certainly enjoyed the one he had! I had fun, too, even if it was a little last minute. This is a crazy busy time of year with friends and family birthdays as well as Easter. Next year I shall plan better and in advance!

A Turtle Cupcake Pull Apart Cake. I had to use SO much frosting to get it to stay together... I don't think the kids minded. Not so sure about the moms. :)

Homemade play dough. I got a recipe from my cousin Jena that uses Kool Aid to colour the dough. It smelled SO good! Andrew arranged it so nicely on the table that it looked like fruity yumminess!

I love the look on Luke's face here. He had such a good time playing with the other kids.

Uncle Josiah and Uncle Mark played with the kiddos a bit and it was sweet to watch. I think it was a hit. (Luke is standing here as I type saying "Want play dough, few minutes" and it is too sweet.)

More play dough fun. Luke enjoyed playing with the cups almost as much as he did playing with the play dough!

Here comes the birthday cake! He really enjoyed everyone singing to him. He has been walking around singing Happy Birthday to himself ever since.

I was pretty impressed that he was able to blow out the candle himself with no help, problems, or slobber! I think he was pretty pleased with himself, too.

Just waiting for the cake to arrive!

I think he was enjoying it... We gave him the "head" of the turtle, so it had M&M's on it. He's never had M&M's... I forgot to sit and watch him, but he didn't seem to have any issues... :)

Enjoying the yummy cupcake!

Opening presents. His first gift, from John and Shelly, had a really cute fish watering can in it, among other things. I don't think he let that out of his sight for the rest of the day. At one point, Andrew found him in the bathroom with it half filled in the tub. He was pretty excited. He received many lovely things and I am excited to enjoy them with him!

All the present-y mess. He had such a good time. I'm so glad that we had a party for him. It was fun to get together with friends! I was exhausted, but already look forward to next year.

Happy birthday to our beautiful little TWO year old! I will refrain from reminiscing overly much... but we are so thankful for our son! He is a blessing.

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GrammaMack said...

What fun! And the cakes are brilliant. Happy 2nd birthday to our dear Lukie!