Monday, March 22, 2010

Cousins and date nights

We had the privilege of exchanging babysitting services with our dear cousins Mark and Jena recently. We kept their kids one night and they kept Luke the next week. We had a great time playing with their kiddos and I know Luke had a blast at their house. It was a lovely time to just spend a few hours kidless. We went out to eat (Lonestar has a great 2 for $20 deal going on, and it comes with an appetizer!) then went shoe shopping for me! What a great guy I have. I've been needing some new tennis shoes but just haven't shopped yet. We were planning to go do something more "fun," and then Andrew comes up with this idea to go shoe shopping. I couldn't believe it, and we almost didn't do it cause it wasn't very "date like." But, it was SO nice to try on shoes without having to chase down a little boy at the same time. Next time: Mini Golf!

Here is Luke with his cousin Abe. I wish Luke wasn't in the cheesy smile stage, but it's still kinda endearing. :) They are gonna be trouble together, soon!


GrammaMack said...

Oh oh--double trouble! So cute!

We're sure enjoying these posts, and that's a great train sweatshirt--do you think it comes in XXL for Grampa? :-)

rebecca said...

Thanks Gramma Mack! :) That shirt actually came from Aunt Patti and Granny Ivy, so they know where it's at!