Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Window Watcher

He absolutely LOVES to look out the window and watch Andrew do... well, whatever it is he's doing when he goes outside. I love it! We mostly watch Daddy walk down to the mail box, talk with Mr. Brown, or shovel snow of late.

And, here's another of him dressing up to go outside, just for kicks. He is too funny and I just get a kick out of watching him explore his world... most of the time. :) (excuse the pile of winter wear in the background)

You may or may not also notice that the kid has a Thomas pajama top on in nearly all the pictures. He has two and basically lives in one or the other. They're totally not just for sleeping, at least not in this house! I don't think he'd ever wear anything else if he had it his way. And the excitement and joy I see on his face certainly makes it worth it to dress him in the same two tops for days on end!

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mKhulu said...

We guys know what we like and don't see much need to rotate outerwear.