Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bubble Wrap

One of the things we found to keep us busy on a cold winter's day? Bubble wrap. Great fun. I don't think you can hear the video too well, but he was having a really good time. You always miss the good parts when you get out a camera, but hey, I tried! He's such a funny little kid. I remember being so excited when Mom would let us pop the bubble wrap when I was little. She usually saved it, so we didn't always get to.


GrammaMack said...

Is that bubble wrap from the box we sent? I should have wrapped the bubble wrap!

Anonymous said...

R, A and L,

We're at Aunt Sue's and Nana and Papa are getting caught up on your blog :o)They love it!

Aunt D

rebecca said...

Mum, it's actually not from the box you sent, but he has since made similar use of what you sent. I guess the whole, they like the wrapping better than the present still holds true!

Aunt Deb, so glad you're able to get them caught up on all of our shenanigans!