Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Baking!

So we had a baking evening. Luke enjoyed running back and forth between us and eventually setting up shop by standing on a chair next to where I was working. It had been far to long since I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. They are delicious. Yum. Plus, it's lotsa fun with a stand mixer. Andrew worked on fudge while I made the cookies and both turned out rather yummy.

Here is the man himself stirring like crazy!

And here his little helper thinks he needs a bit more vanilla.

Luke, making sure he has the right fit with his apron, just like Mumma.

"Hey guys, check it out! This thing has a pocket!"

Here's Luke, giving me advice on what I'm doing wrong.

He kept busy measuring things for a while and let me finish putting the dough together.

Then he helped to stir in the chocolate chips! How very precious he was, if a little too helpful at times!

Quick taste to check for salmonella before mom or dad could stop him. Yum.

Overall, I'd say it was a success! And I just enjoyed a few cookies and they're still good! I love freshly baked cookies. Although I did just set off the smoke detector while making them. Apparently the wife saver I made earlier bubbled over. Oops!


nGogo said...

Reminds me of cooking with a little girlie I used to know. ;-D
My word verification is sublesse...and I have been so blessed...by that little girlie.

Natalie said...

Okay, so the shot of him reaching for the vanilla has me thinking "Oh goodness, one day Abby will be tall enough to reach the countertop!" She's already figured out how to slide boxes and step stools around to reach unreachable places...don't you wish you had a pause button sometimes? It's all happening so fast!

Con said...

Wow does that bring back the memories!!! And that checking for the salmonella is required --- well it used to be anyway