Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sledding Fun!

These pictures are in no particular order. We took Luke out this morning for his first sled ride. The snow was too deep to really do much of anything except pull Luke on the top of the snow. When I tried to get on with him, we sank too deep to move or be pulled! It is crazy out there. Luke had an absolute blast playing in the "tow."

Daddy pulls Luke down our hill. He learned quickly to do balance checks and it was too fun to watch him.

Luke and I, not long before we called it quits. It was cold out there and Luke doesn't have boots or proper snow pants or gloves (we used a couple of pairs of socks). He was utterly unimpressed when told it was almost time to go in.

My two boys at the end of the line... Yes, that is his baby swing that we used to pull the sled because we didn't have any rope.

You may not be able to tell, but I'm kneeling on one knee here. The snow was right at my knees! It felt so deep! Almost too deep to do anything in.

This picture makes me laugh cause you can't even see all the snow around him. I think we used the flash. He just loved pulling handfuls of snow into the sled. :)

Overall, we had a delightful morning in the snow. It was fun to see Luke be old enough to actually notice what was going on. It'll only get better from here!

I'll leave you with Luke's thoughts on coming in to get warm...

Oh, and I wouldn't maximize this pic. There may or may not be streaks of a disgusting substance across his cheeks... So sad. Poor baby!


andrew mackay said...

Wow... Mack's wish is our command... nice job honey. It was too much fun!

GrammaMack said...

Wow, that is some snow! And what a happy snow baby he was...until you meanies made him quit. :-) I wish I could hug that sad little fellow, gunk and all.

Thanks so much for sharing!

mKhulu said...

You're right that is some junk on his face. Thanks for the suggestion to maximize!

Why did you bring him in early? I can see by his expression that it was early.

Thanks for remembering how to post.

My verification is "clout". That is what Mack and I uded to get you to post.

Natalie said...

The poor guy should at least have a cup of hot chocolate in his hand to lift his spirits!