Friday, October 23, 2009

Who Stole The Cookie?

I went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea yesterday. Luke comes running in from the family room, spanking himself. (This is a new thing that he does either after he's been spanked or just before I spank him.) I immediately assume he has turned the DVD player or TV off or on or whatever, cause that is our current battle. Yeah, not so much. I couldn't figure out what he'd done until I saw the cookies sitting on the couch. I could see a cookie peeking out with a perfect little bite taken out of it. Hmmm... I wonder who did that? I had such a hard time not busting out laughing that I don't know if he even got a scolding. He can be so stinkin' cute sometimes.

I kinda hate it that I wasn't even able to see his expression when he enjoyed his first ever bite of a chocolate chip cookie.

So that's what is making us laugh today. :)


gina said...

and the sneaking well as a lifelong obsession with chocolate! i'll never forget when luke came to take a peak at baby micah, then promptly smacked himself in the forehead. when i asked you what the deal was, you said he probably was doing something he wasn't supposed to. (or at least thought he was) such a funny little guy!

mKhulu said...

If you didn't want him to eat the cookies, why did you leave them on the prarie? Did you "saw" him eat the cookie? Are there two or more witnesses? Anyway an experience like one's first chocolate cookie is worth a spanking from an amused mother!

GrammaMack said...

Ah, that's so sweet, both that he's confessing to you and punishing himself (although it doesn't stop him from doing the deed--he must be human) and that he stopped at one bite! I love that boy.

Josiah said...

Andrew...what did I tell you about getting into the cookies without permission?