Thursday, October 8, 2009

Family Dinner

This was our first meal after we moved our dining room table from our family room to our living room. We did a lot of rearranging in our house over the last months. So, since Andrew posted today at Writer's Block about cleaning and paring down furniture and belongings, I thought I would post this picture that makes me smile. :) You can't really see anything, but it is incredibly freeing to have our living room so much more open. Luke's got the greatest expression. I hope you can tell!

Come on over!


mKhulu said...

Since I have learned to click on the photo in order to get a closeup, I wonder how I can just go from wee to not so wee?

GrammaMack said...

That is a great picture! And you can see Canada, which makes it even better. :-)

mercygraceword said...

we did! come over, that is.

Aunt Deb