Monday, October 12, 2009

Potty Time!

Here's a shot of our happy camper on his potty. He gets a kick out of sitting there and also out of making Mommy "run run run" to the potty with him fifty times a day. (Although, when he says it, it sounds a lot more like "wuh wuh wuh.") :) He's been sitting on the big potty occasionally just to get him used to it but then last week he was super interested, so I just went out and bought him a little potty. Monday of last week, he started peeing in the potty. It's been interesting, to say the least. He's gone at least once a day since then. He's 18 months and I totally wasn't prepared for him to do this well this early, and think it will still be a while until we're super serious about it. But he's doing so well. And today was a big accomplishment. He pooped in the potty! We're so proud. When he was done he looked at it for a while trying to decide what had happened. He then ran to tell Daddy. I don't know what he thought about it, and at some point it hit me that I had to clean it up! Gross! ("gwoh Mumma!") He has picked up "gross" from the time he stuck his hand in the bowl after he peed... Who knew how much you can talk about poop and pee? We called GrammaMack and nGogo (and mKhulu too) in celebration. I'm sure that's just what Andrew wanted for Canadian Thanksgiving! I love the fact that right now he is so happy to be able to use the phone, that it has become his reward for using the potty. He loves to call nGogo or 'Mack and hear them be excited for him. Who needs M&M's anyway? :)

You can't potty without a good snack and a drink. Don't forget that. :)

And now, after that appetizing read, I'm off to work on a meal for our Thanksgiving! I think everyone should get two Thanksgivings, don't you?


GrammaMack said...

He's adorable! And happy Thanksgiving again. I'm thankful to be part of Luke's cheerleading squad. Today, the potty; tomorrow, the world. :-)

Also, for real, my word verification is "marump."

gina said...

Who needs m&ms? I do! Especially dark chocolate ones. Way to go, Luke.

mKhulu said...

I have had that same satisfied expression myself. Maybe he gets that from me. You GO Mackay!

Jessi said...

Hooray! May he continue to enjoy the thrill of being a big boy!

Natalie said...

So, I bought Abby a potty seat (perhaps a little too early) and all she does is fuss and cry if I sit her on it...hmmm.