Sunday, October 11, 2009

Faces of Lukey

Here are some more of his lovely expressions. A few weeks ago I had tried to give him a mohawk with what little hair the poor kid has. If you look closely, you might be able to see it. :)

This one is a "cry face."

This is a "sad face." It doesn't look very sad, but it did right before I snapped the picture. This is him sniffing. He is hilarious.

Love this! Who knows what "face" this is!

Here is the quintessential (that's for you, Mom) "happy face."

I don't know what we were in between on this one, but he makes me laugh. Funny kid.

He is showing his personality more and more each day now. It is too much fun to see what he comes up with each and every day. He is much more communicative in both sign and speech. He's doing a really good job.

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mKhulu said...

He is cute, but why won't you let me teach him my sign for grandfather? Just pulling your socks.