Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Hiatus... Plus a video.

I realize that I tend to blog in fits and starts. Well, here's another start. :) It's been an eventful month. I just downloaded the pictures from the camera and realized there were pics from Andrew's birthday. On the 11th of April. Oops. I haven't taken many pictures at all since then. So I shall endeavour to be better. Or something.

Anyway, today I decided to be proactive and take a few pictures. Here is a video of Luke saying a few of his words. His vocabulary seems to have simply taken off in the last two to three weeks. It's crazy. He has become a lot more vocal. Including mastering screeching. Yay. But, some of my favourites are "mumma," "dada" (although this comes out as "nana" and I think it's adorable!), "cheese," and "milk." He's just awfully fun these days. Even as I type he's running around the family room yelling and babbling.

I shot a quick video of him showing off a few of his words just a few minutes ago and thought I'd share. He was just sitting there saying "da da da da da" and so that proves that he can say "dada" but he still calls Andrew "nana." It makes me smile. I'll be putting up a few pictures eventually, but for now, here's our little guy.


GrammaMack said...

Just adorable! (I'm hearing it in stereo 'cause Grampa Mack is playing it repeatedly on his laptop in the next room.) What a cutie pie he is! Thank you. Does he use cheese for cheese?

GrammaMack said...

Hey Luke--nice teeth!

nGogo said...

That big smile of his makes me laugh out loud. Another star is born. Now let's hear book, Gramma, and nGogo, please.

rebecca said...

Mum-- aw! Your comment about dad made me tear up. Yes, Luke absolutely LOVES cheese! It's crazy. Although, his words for cheese, soother, and cheerios all sound about the same. :) Today he has learned "snack." It's so cute to see him trying so hard to get his tongue in the right place and then proudly saying "nak!" Love it.

Mom-- will start working on those immediately. :) I didn't want to do "book" on the video cause I didn't want to read him a book just then! :)

Love to you both.