Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures of Luke's 2nd and 3rd weeks

Just some pictures of our little guy. We've been pretty busy adjusting, but I finally made the time to download some of our pictures to the computer. It's hard to find time with a newborn! There are a lot of demands on whatever free time I manage to get... like trying to shower!

He's very relaxed...

This is his "Maggie Simpson" look.

And this is his Doug McKenzie face. "Take off!" (He does it much more accurately, but it's hard to capture his expressions before they're gone!

Sleeping peacefully.

Chillin' in his "fish chair," borrowed from Aunt Gina. This bouncy seat has apparently made the rounds of... about six different babies in the last five years.

This is Aunt Gina of the afore-mentioned fish chair. He looks pretty comfy!

Just a funny face.

Our little burrito!

Maybe he's trying to talk on the phone?

Taking over Daddy's side of the bed. :)


More sleeping. He doesn't do as much of that as he used to.

Close up.

This is after nGogo helped us with a bath. I love this picture!

And here is his new pacifier (or soother, as it's known in this house), also suggested by Aunt Gina. He's a huge fan, much preferring it over the hospital pacifier. We sent Daddy and Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena down to Walmart to purchase it. Great choice, don't ya think?

Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena are here for the weekend. We're super excited that they were able to come down and meet our little Luke. There will be more pictures of that soon (hopefully!). Currently Daddy and Uncle Luke are playing football on the Play Station, and little Luke is sleeping with Aunt Helena. Too cute! I'm just glad to have a minute to update everyone.


GrammaMack said...

Thank you for posting these. You made my day!
P.S. Is his hair looking reddish, or is that my imagination?

gina said...

It is looking reddish, grammamack! I've seen it first hand. Great post, sis. I know it takes time, but everyone appreciates it. Looking forward to seeing you real soon. "All quiet on the western front," if you know what I mean. I'll keep you posted, but all systems look like go to me.

Sharla said...

Your little Luke is soo cute! Those pictures are making me baby hungry and my twin boys just turned one so that aint gonna happen! I just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog
I'm sorry you didn't win my game but I have a lot of great games that you and your hubby (and maybe friends and family if you have them over) can play! We also have snuggly puppets that baby Luke might want to snuggle up to now. Anyway, if you have the time or are interested you can check them out at
Good luck with that little guy! I have four boys now and it just gets more fun!

Melissa said...

Great pictures!

I am trying to get in contact with you because you won a book on my bloggy giveaway. Please send me an e-mail with your address within the next day.


Parcelhome at comcast dot net

Jessi said...

Did I win anything for commenting on your blog? It's the only way that I am enticed to comment these days...just kidding!

I can't believe how much his looks are changing these days! I'm going to have to get some snuggles soon. We love you guys!

samuel said...

Cute dang kid.

Great pictures.

I want to enter a contest to win that baby.

*HoLLi jO* said...

Well the baby is absolutely beatuiful! I wish I got to see more than I do. It looks like you all are doing wonderful! I really enjoyed looking at your pics!

Jon said...

Thanks for the picture update. Love the red hair.

Can't wait to meet my first nephew this summer... I hope.