Friday, May 2, 2008

First Meetings

As I said, Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena were here for the weekend. This was little Luke's first introduction to his namesake. Aren't they cute together?

Auntie Helena observes the first meeting.

Visitors from the north, makers of a hit record... (except for the "record" part)

"Hi little Luke. He's so sweet! Look at his little fingernails..." (Okay, I don't know if they really said those things or not, but hey, poetic license!)

Daddy and Uncle Luke having a little game of "golf ball" out in the yard.

Aunt Helena and Luke just chillin' together on the couch. They spent quite a bit of time this way. It was fun to see our friends interact with our son.

And here's another with big Luke. :)

It was really good to spend some more time with Luke and Helen. We love it when they come down and are looking forward to seeing them up north in a couple of months. We look forward to sharing more root beer and perhaps some crazy Cranium time (Canadian version) then.


GrammaMack said...

Sweet pictures! And he's looking so long!

gina said...

I caught it...a reference, although veiled, to my own first born. Glad they chose to play her favorite "spot."
Okay,inside jokes and such are not fair to other readers...moving on.

Love the new post and I'm so glad you guys had a good visit!