Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Few More Pictures of Luke

Early smiles.

Mommy loves her boy.

So does Daddy.

This was Daddy's first day back to work...

This is one of Luke's "room tadpole" outfits. Thanks Aunt Deborah! :)

Mommy's friend Tasha came over for a visit (play date?? Although neither baby did much playing...) this week. Little Eva is about two weeks older than Luke. I was fun to be around someone else with a little baby. Eva looks just like her Daddy, but with her Mommy's hair.

This week has been a bit tough but we're doing okay. It was awfully nice to have Gramma here for a week. We were glad that she got to meet Luke, but also for her help. Now nGogo is here to help out for a few days and that's been lovely too. Luke's umbilical cord stump fell off yesterday, and I was excited about that. It's nice to see his little "outie."

Anyway, we're hoping to continue to improve this week. He's eating well, although it can be quite painful for me... Hopefully that will get better quickly.

And now, it's nap time, so I may actually have an opportunity for a shower! Gotsta run!


Elisabeth said...

Johanely and James and I LOVE the pictures! SO CUTE!!! When can Luke go snorkelling with me???

love ya!

Anonymous said...

He is so precious. I am getting really homesick, and this is not helping. Can't little Luke make a trip to Canada, and stop by to see his Preston Cousins first:)

gina said...

Love those dimples!! Thanks for all these great pictures and sentiments. We enjoyed our visit. Love you all...

gina said...

also, did I catch a glimpse of Jane Eyre in one of these pics? Introducing him to some GREAT literature early on can only be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

wow, good eye Gina!
I like the suggestion about a Canada visit - sooner the better.
He is beautiful, and I am so delighted for you all
Aunt Deb

GrammaMack said...

I miss him so much! And his parents, too!

Rebecca said...

Doncha know that I wondered if you would notice Jane Eyre when I posted that picture, Gina? Made me laugh when you did. I've been trying to finish it for about a month now... Gramma started reading it when she was here.

We'd love a visit to Canada (and New York) and are looking forward to the possibility in a few months.

Also, Luke is already asking about his snorkeling trip. :)

Nancy said...
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