Monday, April 19, 2010

Visiting Friends

This post might let you know how very behind some of these posts are. While some of them have been more current (birthday, etc), several are from a month ago. This was my college roommate's visit from last month with her beautiful, much prayed for, new baby boy Cameron. What a blessing he is.

I just love his chunky little self! He was so sweet.

This was Deborah and I with our boys... what a wonderful thing that is to write!

Luke had the best time with "baby Camra" as he called him. He loved talking with him, lying beside him, just about anything to do with him. He still is calling his Cabbage Patch "Camra."

What a big boy he is, holding the baby. He really enjoyed being allowed to hold Cameron. And Aunt Deborah was very accommodating and laid back about letting Luke enjoy the baby. I was impressed. I'm also pretty sure he got this expression from his daddy!

Luke enjoyed learning all about bottles and LOVED "helping" to feed Cameron. Deborah was great about letting him be involved and he had the time of his life.

Here Luke was "helping" to wash bottles. It was too funny to listen to these two laughing in the kitchen together. I'm sure I was busy getting in some baby cuddles!

We had SUCH a great visit. It was lovely to catch up with an old friend, but it was most wonderful to get to see Deborah be a mom. God has truly blessed their family with their newest addition. He seems to be doing great, even if his daddy dresses him in Duke wear. I'm so glad that God planned bringing Cameron into their lives, even if it was quite the surprise for them! I enjoyed talking with a close friend about the joys and struggles of adoption. Keep praying for their still-new little family!

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Another Aunt Deborah!
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