Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Silly Luke

I have to admit, I'm rather enjoying not worrying about blogging... Of course, I haven't been very good at taking pictures lately. I need to work on that. And we forgot our camera at the Smith Family Christmas Celebration. :(

Anyway, I hope to have some pics up again soon.

But for now, I'll leave you with a funny Luke story.

Luke and I made chocolate chip cookies recently. Lots of fun. He had a good time. And, this was the first time that I actually let him have any. We made him special cookies with no chocolate chips and he thought they were wonderful. It was sweet.

Anyway, I had left a couple of cookies on a plate in the living room and was in the kitchen. Luke came into the kitchen chewing... Yeah. I asked him what he was eating and he said "Show. Touch." So I went in to let him show me what he had touched. I then told him that he absolutely wasn't allowed to eat cookies unless mama or dada gave them to him. Then I said I was going to spank him for not obeying and proceeded to do so. As I left him and went back into the kitchen, I hear a small voice say... "Yum."

Like it was totally worth it. Made me laugh.


GrammaMack said...

Woo hoo! Your faithful readers were beginning to think that the Mackay in question had stopped growing...

Cute story!

mKhulu said...

I remember this blog now. Remember what I taught you: No good turn ever goes unpunished. Thanks for the continuing saga of Luke Mackay.