Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Mackay Winter Merriment

So these photos are from the last big storm. Not the current one. I think I've lost count. This was around the fifteenth, I think. We were finally able to fully outfit the kid for winter. It was too adorable. His snow boots came in (we ordered on sale "after the season"), we found him some snow pants, and we were good to go! It was so satisfying to see him appropriately dressed and know that he would be dry and warm (mostly!). Lovely.

All dressed up and someplace to go. Out!

Happily learning to smile for the camera!

Making his own snow angel... he did a pretty good job, but then freaked out when he couldn't get up by himself. I still hold it was just cause he didn't want to mess up the snow angel. :)

I love this little boy!

Luke and Andrew happily sprawled in the snow.

The winning picture of the day. What a great picture! I love my boys. (Luke says, "yeah, Lush my boyz!" when I tell them this. He is so sweet!)

Okay. Now don't call this a comeback! I hope to blog semi occasionally, but I have misplaced the camera, and need to look for it. I haven't been good at taking pictures lately, so I need to work on that. I have been working on some other household projects, so I don't have as much time. I could come up with some more excuses, but I won't. Anyway, enjoy the snow pictures, and we'll enjoy the snow!


mercygraceword said...

I know everyone says he looks like a Smith Baby - but picture number 2 could be his dad at the same age!

mKhulu said...

Why do think I simply call him "Mackay?"

andrew mackay said...

Aunt Deb, I can see that... totally. What a fun little boy. Thanks for documenting all of this, Rebecca. You're the best!

jena said...

Cute pictures! Love his little smile.