Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Angels

The snow is still falling down outside my windows as I type. It feels like it has been snowing for weeks! Oh, wait, it has! It is beautiful, but I am quite thankful that we don't have to go anywhere. We have banana/zucchini bread and coffee and tea. Lovely.

My husband posted today about our son's appreciation, or lack thereof, for my snow angel abilities. So I thought I should share his destruction of my beautiful creation. (And it totally made me think of the movie Snow Day when Andrew helped me up so I didn't have to mar my angel with handprints... Although I'm a bit embarrassed that I know that much about that movie!)

Here is Luke, happily sitting in the middle of my snow angel. He looks so innocent and sweet here.

And here is his alter-ego, trying to copy Mommy. It was such a hilarious time, watching Luke throw himself backwards in the snow and yell (I don't remember yelling or making those expressions...). He really enjoyed the snow. And it looks like we could go enjoy it again if we wanted to. I looked out this morning to see that our snowman's head might not be discernible anymore, but his body sure is. And that was from two weeks ago! Craziness. It is COLD!


GrammaMack said...

That's a stylish pair of plastic bags that boy is wearing. :-) Love the gummy yelling pic!

andrew mackay said...

Listen to the wind!!!