Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Stocking!

Our little one woke on Christmas morning just as cheerful as always. After a diaper and clothing change (one day maybe he'll be able to stay in his pajamas) he came running out to see the world.

He ran around the corner like he knew there was something exciting going on. I wonder how much he picks up from Andrew and I?

He was pretty impressed with his glasses... too bad they only survived about ten hours till someone stepped on them. :(

He did, however insist on wearing his glasses on his head for the next few presents. What a "cool dude."

A lovely photo taken with amazing skill by the boy's dad.

He so loved the "buddles!" Of course, they started out as being "bunnles" and moved on from there!

I love this picture of him reaching into his stocking! He's such a sweetie.

Daddy helping with some of the trickier wrapped items.

"Is there anything else in here?"

Lukey was pretty excited about the orange and potato in the toe of his stocking. Daddy then explained to him why we put those items there. I tried to video the explanation, but it didn't turn out so hot. But it still made me tear up. We are so blessed!


GrammaMack said...

So sweet! Thank you for sharing them...feels a bit like Christmas to see them!

Aunt Kimmiebopaloopa said...

...such a group of cutie patooties.....perhaps you could stage a do-over of......ummmm.....the explanation so I could be reminded.....Thank you for letting us be able to look in on your family memory making......XXXOOO

Con said...

These are beautiful photos! I can almost feel like I'm there. My mom was telling me that they each got an orange and some nuts in their stockings. I love those traditions