Friday, February 6, 2009

Blue Eyed Kid

This is our sweet boy. He's got some seriously blue eyes. If you look closely you can see his two little teeth peeking out there at the bottom. I keep trying to take a better picture, but he will have none of it. He now has one top tooth through and the one beside it almost through. It also looks like he has two more on both the top and bottom getting ready to show up. He didn't get teeth till he was nine months old and now he's going crazy! :)


mKhulu said...

He's as handsome as a boy otta be!
Not too pretty, but just right.
And by the way, it wasn't his months that contribute so much to his craziness, I reckon it might be hereditary.

GrammaMack said...

Ah yes, those powerful Mackay blue eyes, made even more powerful by his Smith genes. You'll have to tell him what I always told my boys once girls started to notice: "Harness the power!" :-)