Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Few Canadian Photos

So, here are a few random photos from Canada. I hate it that we don't have more. I tried to get them in proper order but it was taking too long, so I gave up. So, in no particular order, here they are!

Lukey and Gramma. Gotta love the expression.

All the Mackay men.

Luke with Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena.

Luke finally gets to meet Nana! (Andrew's mom's mom)

All the Mackay guys... you sit here... no, here! Hey, turn around! Hold the baby...

There you go! Uncle Jon, Colin, Caleb, Camdyn, Grandpa, Daddy, Luke, and Uncle Matt. Love it.

All four cousins. The boys were so sweet with Luke. Even Colin who just kept signing "baby."

Here is Luke with Granny (Andrew's dad's mom).

Yummy fingers. I love drool!

Gramma feeding Luke. I had to fight to get a picture that wasn't super blurry. I wanted to take a bus ride while we were in Canada (silly, I know, but hey, we don't really have public transit in WV) so Gramma and Grandpa watched the boy for a little while.

Daddy and Lukey just hanging out sitting up on the couch together. My favourite two boys!

Anyway, that's a brief view of certain aspects of our trip (I know, I know, a month later...). I'm getting worse about taking pictures. I'll have to work on that! Our boy is growing up so fast.

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GrammaMack said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now how do I get those on my computer so I can get some "hard" copies?
We miss you!